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Completing Safety Forms Using Digital Pens

SafeWorks enables you to complete health and safety forms using digital pens and/or tablets. In this example we will demonstrate a typical workflow of a user completing a Vehicle Prestart Checklist using a digital pen. (click on images to enlarge)

1. Start your chosen form by ticking the Start pidget

Samsung SafeWorks App Landing Page

2. Complete the form as you would with a regular pen

Samsung SafeWorks App Prestart Form

3. Once complete tick the Finish pidget  

Samsung SafeWorks App Keyboard

4. Data transmission

  • Once complete the data is transmitted via Bluetooth to your Android phone/tablet. Pre-installed routing software on the phone/tablet then forwards the data through to your Safeworks web portal.
  • If there is no 3G reception or no access to a wireless network the forms will be stored on the phone/tablet. Once there is network access/3G reception you can then resend the completed form.
  • The digital pen can store up to 100 A4 pages
Samsung SafeWorks Prestart Form Near Complete

5. Log into your SafeWorks web portal

  • SafeWorks is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
Log into the SafeWorks web portal

6. The SafeWorks Dashboard

  • The SafeWorks Dashboard gives you a broad overview of all the users, form types and forms submitted 
SafeWorks Dashboard

7. Locate your submitted form

  • In this example we completed a Vehicle Prestart Checklist. So select the Vehicle Prestart Checklist option from the form types select box
  • Depending on your access rights you will be able to see all Vehicle Prestart Checklists completed by all users. There are various filtering and search options to isolate and find the form that you completed
SafeWorks list of Prestart Checklists

8. Form Editing

  • Forms can be edited if alterations are required at a later date.
  • The inbuilt handwriting recognition conversion software is 90% accurate. Some corrections may be required before saving.
Edit submitted form

12. Form Complete

  • Once completed the form is saved and archived for future reference.
  • The form data can be exported into three formats; CSV files, PDFs and XML files. 
  • The form data can be integrated into any pre existing OH&S or ERP systems.