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HSEQ Forms

There is a plethora of HSEQ forms in use today. With so many differing requirements, it’s hard to find one form that fits all. We’ve made it easy for you to incorporate your forms into SafeWorks, exactly as you want them.  Below is a list of just some of the forms that you may wish to incorporate into your SafeWorks system:

Risk Identification/Assessment Forms     

  • Take Five or Take 5

  • Take Time

  • Take Two or Take 2

  • Safety Observation Form

  • SafeCheck

  • Stop and Think

  • Hazard Report Cards

  • SLAM (Stop, Look, Assess, Manage)


  • Step Back

  • HAZOP (Hazardous Operation Study)

  • Work Risk Assessment

Risk Management Forms

  • SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement)

  • WMS (Work Method Statement)

  • JSEA (Job Safety & Environment Analysis)

  • JSA (Job Safety Analysis)

  • JHA (Job Hazard Analysis)

  • THA (Task Hazard Analysis)

Other Forms

  • Injury Report

  • Incident Report

  • Illness Report

  • Accident Report

Permit Forms

  • Abrasive Blasting Work Permit

  • Confined Space Entry Work Permit

  • Diving Work Permit

  • Electrical Work Permit

  • Excavation & Penetration Work Permit

  • Explosives Work Permit

  • General Work Permit

  • Hazardous Substances Work Permit

  • Hot/Cold Work Permit

  • Isolation Work Permit

  • Lifting Equipment Work Permit

  • Overall Work Permit

  • Overhead Cranes Work Permit

  • Pressure Testing Work Permit

  • Site Access Permit

  • Working at Heights Work Permit

Register Forms

  • Asbestos Register

  • Electrical Equipment Register

  • First Aid Register

  • Contractors Register

  • Fire Extinguisher Register

  • Gas Cylinder Register

  • Ladder Register

  • Lifting Equipment Register

  • PPEC Register

  • Vehicle Register

  • Tool Register

  • Waste Register

Checklists Forms

  • Daily Machine Prestart Checklist

  • EWP Prestart

  • Excavator Prestart Checklist

  • Forklift Prestart Checklist

  • Heavy Vehicle Prestart Checklist

  • Light Vehicle Prestart Checklist

  • Mobile Equipment Prestart Checklist

  • Work Platform Prestart Checklist